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20 Million Videos Have Been Removed From Tik Tok in Pakistan

Tik Tok recently revealed that during the first quarter of 2024, it processed more than 20.2 million videos in Pakistan. The videos were removed for violating the platform’s community guidelines. Notably, 93.9% of these videos were removed from the Internet within a day of being reported.

TikTok was able to catch most breaches before they were reported, handling 99.8 percent of them globally.

This shows TikTok’s commitment to maintaining a safe online environment for every user. In these initiatives, business highlights its commitment to inclusion and transparency.

During that time, TikTok deleted 166,997,307 videos globally. Automated detection technologies, which help identify and remove standards-violating content quickly and efficiently, have made the majority of these removals possible.

To maintain the security of the platform, TikTok also took action against comments and accounts. The Corporation used security tools to remove 976,479,946 comments that did not conform to the Community Guidelines. They also deleted 21,639,414 accounts that were associated with minors.

This study underscores TikTok’s dedication to justice and consistent adherence to its rules. The platform uses both human supervision and advanced technology to guarantee effective content control. This combination helps TikTok keep its user base, which is located all over the world, safe and friendly.



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