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After wheat and flour, the Price of Rice has come Down Sharply

The Price of Rice has seen a sharp decline in the last two months after earlier decline in the price of wheat and flour. Due to the effective measures taken by the Punjab government, the price of rice has come down by Rs 60 per kg.

Prices of several varieties of rice, including Super Kainat, Super Basmati and Super Karnal, have seen a drop of between Rs 50 and Rs 60 per kg. Super Kainat rice is selling at Rs 280 per kg with a reduction of Rs 60 per kg. Similarly, the price of Super Basmati rice has been reduced by Rs 50 to Rs 210 per kg.

According to market sources, rice prices remain low, allaying fears of spurious inflation. It is expected that this trend will help consumers by reducing the prices of necessities. Despite the economic hardships, the population has found some relief as a result of government measures, which appear to be successfully controlling food costs.The reduction in rice prices is part of a larger move to control food prices and guarantee that everyone can continue to afford basic needs. The continued decline in rice prices is good news for consumers and shows that the Punjab government’s policies are working as intended.



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