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Govt Disapproves of Social Media Apps Being Closed During Muharram

The Punjab government has suggested that the federal government ban the use of popular social media apps including Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter and WhatsApp between 6 and 11 Muharram, an idea that was recently rejected.

Federal authorities have chosen to respond by tightening security measures, especially for Muharram. They have allowed blocking of mobile phone signals only in certain areas where religious processions and large crowds are expected.

The original request to the Punjab government was made in response to concerns that misinformation would spread on social media and inadvertently increase communal tensions during Muharram.

The federal government has made this choice after much deliberation on how to maintain open lines of communication and public safety during this critical time of the religious festival. They want to strike a balance that guarantees security without completely restricting the flow of information and communication across the country, so they are focusing on local signal blackouts rather than nationwide bans on social media.



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