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Hottest Day of 2024 was Recorded in Karachi

It was the Hottest Day of the year in Karachi, with temperatures reaching 42 degrees Celsius and more in some places. A partial heatwave is forecast for the city for the next two days, hence residents are asked to take adequate safety precautions.

The Meteorological Department has predicted that the temperature may rise to 43 degrees Celsius, and the weather will continue to be hot and muggy for another three days. Gulistan Johar in Karachi was the hottest place where the temperature soared to 43.7 degrees Celsius. At 42.8°C, the airport area was far behind Shahrah Faisal (40.5°C) and Maripur (40.2°C).

A remarkable heat wave was witnessed in Karachi, with the average temperature recorded across the city at 42.6 degrees Celsius. Residents should drink plenty of water, stay indoors as much as possible, stay indoors as much as possible, and avoid unnecessary outdoor activities due to extreme heat.

Health officials are warning people to take extra precautions during this time, especially if they are young, elderly, or have pre-existing medical concerns. Heat-related illnesses can be avoided by taking simple precautions like drinking plenty of water, wearing light clothing, and staying out of direct sunlight. Local authorities are also working to set up cooling centers and offer emergency medical assistance to deal with the potential health effects of the heat wave.



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