How did the Olympic games begin?

Malini VK - Infobite  13-Apr-2021

How did the Olympic games begin?

- The origin of Olympic games dated back to 776 BC(approximately 2700 years before) in Olympia,South west Greece.

- Greeks started these games not only out of passion but it is a religious festival to honor Zeus, King of Greek Gods.

- The game was conducted for every four years on Mt. Olympus, where Zeus was believed to live.

- Before the games began, messengers were sent all over Greece to call for peace. This is to cancel any war at that time, so that people can travel safely to watch the games.

- Athletic games were the major attraction but there were wrestling, chariot races, boxing kind of games.

- Records about the Ancient Olympic games were till 393 AD.

Modern Olympics:

- Olympics was held again in 1896 (approximately 1500 years later) in Athens, Greece.

- French educator and historian Baron Pierre de Coubertin gave rebirth to the games and formed International Olympic Committee.

- His initial thought was to uncover the games in the year 1900 in his native Paris. But delegates from 34 Countries were fascinated by the Olympics concept and convinced him to kick start in 1896 with Athens be the first host.

- Now more than 200 countries are participating in Olympics which held every 4 years.