How to control eating junk foods?

Divya's Dietu - Health Bites 01-Feb-2021

How to control eating junk foods?
Say No to Junk Food

Do you often get an extreme search for foods? Is it hard for you to remain far away from junk for long? But still is it difficult to remain far away from junk food?

If yes, then this blog is for you. 

What is junk food?

Junk foods are – processed and packaged, ready to cook or able to eat contain nutritionist's calorie loaded with salt, sugar, and fat

  • low in nutrition

That means all of your breakfast cereals, cornflakes, muesli, cold drinks, ice cream, cakes, instant noodles, instant pasta, instant soup, fruit juices, energy drink, biscuits, cookies, white potato, savory items are generally considered as junk.

Remember to not comprise the trap by believing junk is healthy. irrespective of what quantity of iron, calcium or vitamins are being claimed to be added to the ultimate product -junk is junk.

But junk foods are yummy!!

Yes, they are. Junk foods are designed to be extremely tasty and highly addictive. In fact, they're often so tasty which makes our taste buds blunt that we fail to understand any subtle taste of natural food.

  • Why not food on balance they're super handy!!??

Mostly junk foods are either able to eat or able to cook. But we frequently forget that they're also able to cause you to gain unwanted weight.

Other than weight gain, they contribute largely to disturb your hormonal balance, create inflammation and trigger an autoimmune response.

As a result, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, thyroid issues, PCOD, arthritis occur.

Tip 1: Deep sleep for 7-8 hrs

Sleep isn't a luxury but the need.

If you would like to possess a disease free life, getting deep sleep for 7 to 8 hrs is a must.

Tip 2: Drink enough water

Do you know half the time once you feel hungry, actually you're thirsty? Yes, do this trick.

Staying hydrated throughout the day helps to stay a check on your nibble.

Water should be the primary thing within the morning even before you step down from the bed. Just drink water.

Tip 3: Plan your meal

Set a healthy kitchen first. Planning meals is often beneficial. It helps you to bring variety to your diet.

The most significantly planned meal tells you what to eat next.

Rather than going crazy with hunger and wandering on food you ultimately finally end up eating hopefully something healthy snack or healthy drink. 

Tip 4: Eat an entire meal before leaving home

There are a range of food joints near your household tempting you with their absolute best way.

Therefore, eating a full meal before going out helps you to remain off from any outside junk or overeating. 

Tip 5: Stop rewarding with food

Self-rewarding for any achievement is great but never with foods especially after you are attempting hard to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

You will have a concept of getting a treat along with your favorite burger once you achieve some target and undoubtedly that may offer you immense joy. 

Tip 6: Maintain account

Link your junk craving with wasting money.

Get this straight that spending any money on junk could be a sheer waste. but this, the consumption of junk finally results in some lifestyle disorder. 

Tip 7: Stop watching food videos

This is actually disheartening.

Especially when checking food videos are our favourite guilty pleasure. But only seeing such videos are perfectly fine.

The matter arises when this frequent checking starts tempting you and causes you to be completely crazy with cravings.

Your concentration, motivation, focus to adopt a “healthy food habit” just blew within 2 minutes.