How to segregate different types of household waste?

Malini VK - Infobite  19-Apr-2021

How to segregate different types of household waste?

Household wastes can be segregated into below 4 types in almost all the countries.

Organic Waste - should be disposed in Green Bin.

- All kinds and forms of food waste.

- Animal waste, plants, soil.

- Bedding.

- Diapers, sanitary products.

- Brown bags.

Recyclable Waste - should be disposed in Blue Bin.

- Glass bottles, Glass jars.

- Plastics (Black plastic items are non-recyclable).

- soft, stretchy plastics (Ex. Grocery bags, Diaper outer bags,).

- Metal (Aluminium/Steel products).

- All forms of paper (Newspaper, tissue paper, gift wraps, etc).

- Box boards, corrugated card boards, milk cartons.

- Foam Polystyrene (Takeout food containers)- black foam products are non-recyclable.

Garbage Bin:

- Everything except Organic and Recyclable wastes (Liner bags, black plastics, aluminium foil, baby wipes, metallic gift wraps,hair, etc)

Hazardous Waste:

- Corrosive, flammable, explosive, and poisonous wastes are considered hazardous.

- These should not be disposed in garbage/Organic/Recyclable Bins.

- Wastes should be separated in labeled containers and can be dropped off in places that accept hazardous wastes or can request for a separate waste pickup from city corporation.

* Bio-wastes or biodegradable wastes should be disposed in a separate bio-waste bin. It should not be mixed with recyclable products. However, method of handling bio-waste is country specific.