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In Karachi, Software Engineer Kills CEO of Company Due to Unpaid Salary

A Software Engineer in Karachi killed the CEO of his company in a tragic incident related to a salary dispute. The incident took place in an office located on Shahrah Faisal. Engineer Shoaib got angry at not getting his salary and attacked CEO Naveed.

Things immediately got out of hand. Naveed tried to escape but fell into the basement of the building. He was taken to hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries. After the incident, the police immediately took Shoaib into custody.

Naveed, the third of six brothers, has three children with her. Colleagues and the community are in a state of shock and grief following this horrific incident.

This tragedy emphasises the serious outcomes that money disputes can occasionally result in, underscoring the significance of immediately and successfully resolving employee concerns.

To fully comprehend the events leading up to this tragic tragedy, authorities are currently conducting additional investigations into the matter.

The memory of this tragic event has left the office, which was once a place of regular work and routine, marked, reminding everyone of the delicate nature of professional relationships and the importance of empathy and prompt dispute settlement.



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