In ODI cricket, Virat Kohli becomes the first person on Earth to score 50 centuries.

Virat Kohli made cricket history in a historic semi-final match against New Zealand at the World Cup in Mumbai. He achieved two incredible milestones, surpassing records held by the great Sachin Tendulkar. Because of his outstanding batting, Kohli was able to surpass Tendulkar’s record of 49 One Day International (ODI) centuries and become the first player to achieve the remarkable feat of 50.

In addition to shattering the century record, Kohli also excelled beyond Tendulkar in a different way. With an incredible 700 runs during the tournament, Kohli eclipsed Tendulkar’s record for most runs in an ODI World Cup.

The ease with which Kohli accomplished these goals adds to the significance of his accomplishment. After demonstrating his ability and reliability, Kohli reached his 50th century in just 277 innings. The historic moment occurred in the semi-final over 42 of India’s innings when Virat Kohli skillfully flicked the ball off Lockie Ferguson for two. In addition to guaranteeing India’s spot in the championship match, this innings cemented Kohli’s reputation as one of the best batsmen in ODI cricket history.

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