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Infinix is ​​Producing 1.46 Million Mobile Phones Locally in Pakistan in just 5 Months

Infinix Based on Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) data, mobile assembly and manufacturing companies in Pakistan made 13.8 million phones in the first five months of 2024. Of these, 4.98 million were 2G phones, which are more basic phones with fewer features, and 8.1 million were smartphones.

infinix infinix topped the production with 1.46 million units. Other businesses that mass-produced phones, such as Itel and VGO TEL, followed.

Despite the high production numbers, the industry has faced difficulties. From 2022, rising interest rates and economic challenges have led to a slowdown in manufacturing. Additionally, fewer phones are being imported for commercial use as a result of import restrictions. In 2023, only 1.58 million phones were imported into Pakistan on a commercial basis.

On a positive note, 61% of Pakistanis now own smartphones, indicating a substantial increase in the use of these latest gadgets in the country. However, the FY25 budget includes additional tax measures from the government. Mobile phones are subject to a regular 18 percent tax, with higher rates for more expensive models.

This development underscores the precariousness of the Pakistani mobile phone business. Despite significant local manufacturing, the industry faces legal and financial constraints. At the same time, an increasing number of people are acquiring smartphones, indicating a shift towards the latest technology within the country. Both producers and consumers especially those interested in high end smartphones will likely be affected by the new tax laws.



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