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Karachi is One of the Least Livable Cities in the World

Karachi, once known for its state of the art facilities and top notch educational institutions, has once again been named the world’s least livable city. The ranking is the result of an international survey conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit, which examined 173 cities around the world.

The poll evaluated cities on several criteria, including infrastructure, education, healthcare, culture and sustainability. Karachi received an overall score of 42.7, placing it at 169th place. The city had low scores in several categories, most notably stability (20).

Karachi’s culture and environment scored 35.9, but its healthcare system scored 54.2. The city fared slightly better in education with a score of 75. Its infrastructure received a 51.8 rating.

Vienna, on the other hand, earned the title of world’s most liveable city with a staggering score of 98.4. Zurich and Copenhagen are close behind in the rankings.

Karachi’s dismal ranking serves as a reminder of the many challenges the city faces. Despite a historical reputation for modern amenities and high-quality education, its poor living scores are attributed to political instability, inadequate infrastructure, and environmental concerns. The results of this survey highlight the extent to which certain areas urgently need to be improved in order to raise the quality of life of the residents of Karachi.



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