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Karachi will be Known as the Twin City of New York

According to Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah, Pakistan’s largest city Karachi will soon get official recognition as New York twin city. The Sindh Assembly has to pass a resolution to complete this important step.

The news came during a meeting with Phil Ramos, Deputy Speaker of the New York State Assembly, which included a group of lawmakers and members of the American Pakistani Public Affairs Committee (APPAC). The two sides covered the twin city initiative as well as other important topics in the conference.

It is expected that in the next session of the Sindh Assembly, the motion to declare Karachi as the twin city of New York will be approved. It is anticipated that the New York Assembly will then formalize the cooperation by working collaboratively.

The discussion also discussed ways to deepen ties between New York and Karachi in several areas, especially professional and educational development. Improving academic cooperation between the two cities was prioritized, as this could lead to mutual research projects, exchange programs and other efforts that would help professionals and students.

Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah emphasized the potential benefits of this cooperation and said that it could create new opportunities for both cities. Karachi and New York can collaborate on common challenges and learn from each other by pooling their resources and experience.

The choice to designate New York and Karachi as twin cities indicates a growing understanding of the value of global cooperation. By encouraging cultural communication and understanding between the peoples of Pakistan and the United States, it seeks to strengthen the relationship between them.

Both Karachi and New York expect to benefit from increased cooperation and shared experiences as Karachi is poised to become their twin city. With this initiative, an important step has been taken in strengthening the relationship between Pakistan and America.



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