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“Harassment case on Former NAB Chairman”

“Harassment case on Former NAB Chairman”

Former NAB chairman Javed Iqbal is now under harassment case, field by Tayyaba Gul.

Harassment case on former NAB chairman is getting intense day by day. Iqbal and former DG NAB Shahzad Saleem received pre-admission letters during a hearing at the anti-harassment ombudsman on Saturday. In response to a harassment complaint submitted by Tayyaba Gul, the anti-harassment ombudsman in Islamabad has sent pre-admission notices to Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal, a former chief of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), and other individuals.

On January 16, twelve people, including Iqbal, were personally summoned. Imran Dogar, a NAB investigation officer, was also given notice by the Ombudsman. Hearing on harassment complaint against Javed Iqbal is postponed till January 16 and pre-admission notices are sent.

What are the allegations of Tayyaba Gul?

In her statement, Tayyaba Gul said that Iqbal had asked for immoral deeds in return for considering her case. She said that the Pakistan’s former chairman of the NAB had threatened and blackmailed her, and threatened to postpone the case’s hearing unless she met with his requests. She further reported that Saleem had fraudulently accused her in a case at Iqbal’s request, which led to in her arrest. Gul said in her statement that she had been harassed and arrested by Dogar who is a NAB investigative officer, and others. She claimed that when they were taking her to Lahore. Moreover they also threatened her to release footage online if her husband did not say nothing. Tayyaba Gul also demanded that Dogar, Saleem, Iqbal, and the other parties participated in the alleged harassment. She said they should face severe consequences.

The next hearing of harassment case on former NAB chairman has been postponed until January 16.


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