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Nokia Files Claims of Technology Theft Against HP and Amazon.

Nokia has filed a lawsuit alleging patent infringement pertaining to video-related technologies against Amazon and HP, formerly known as Hewlett-Packard. These legal actions are being pursued by the Finnish telecoms company in the US, Germany, India, and the UK, among other jurisdictions. Furthermore, Nokia has a case pending before the European Unified Patent Court, which handles EU-wide intellectual property disputes.

Nokia’s Chief Licensing Officer, Arvin Patel, claimed that despite having lengthy conversations with Amazon and HP, these businesses have not followed the set industry norms and standards, so legal action is now required. The focus of the patent disputes is on devices and Amazon Prime Video, which Nokia claims violates its patents covering hardware components, content delivery, video compression, and video recommendation.

Nokia highlighted that the streaming market is predicted to grow significantly, with a $300 billion market by 2027. The business drew attention to a discrepancy between the organizations that profit the most from the underlying streaming technologies and the significant investments made in their development.

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