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On July 6, PTI Will Hold a Power Show in Islamabad

PTI met the party’s founder at Rawalpindi’s Adiala Jail on Tuesday and has since announced plans to host a major protest in Islamabad on July 6. Addressing the media, PTI leader Ali Muhammad Khan appealed to the people across the country to participate in the protests in favor of freedom and the rule of law.

“PTI will organize a major rally in Islamabad on July 6,” Khan said. “This is a call to action for freedom and the rule of law for the entire country. Our fight is to hold the powerful accountable,” he continued.

Khan added that it was the first meeting of the founder of Tehreek-e-Insaf after Eid. Expressing his concern over the PTI leader’s condition, he said, “It is very sad to put the leader of the nation in such dire circumstances.” PTI founder stands against mafia and untrustworthy system.

People from all walks of life wanted a leader like him, he said, adding that the nation yearns for a leader who speaks for the nation. It has been kept at a temperature between forty and forty-five degrees for the past 340 days. There is no leader like him in any other party, not even in Jamaat-e-Islami, Muslim League-N, PPP or JUI.

Khan conveyed the PTI founder’s message to the country, stressing the deteriorating situation in the two years since his ouster. Gas and electricity prices have risen and budget commitments have been breached. Where taxes are due, they are not being paid, and these issues are not being resolved,” he said.

“The PTI founder cut the budget of the Prime Minister’s House, but Asif Zardari increased it by Rs 700 million to Rs 800 million,” he said, referring to the budget allocation that he found objectionable. Bills are being presented in the assembly to increase the salaries of the members of the assembly. We disagreed with the increase in the salaries of MPAs and MNAs. Mobile phone taxes have increased, yet the rich and powerful are not being targeted.

“They are being suppressed, and the powerful remain untouchable,” Khan said, referring to the plight of civil servants. According to the Prime Minister, the IMF sets the budget. We want to send a message to the country through our rally in Islamabad on July 6 that let’s fight for freedom and rule of law. If the rule of law prevails, both the rich and the poor will be held accountable.”



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