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Pakistan Has Found New Gas Reserves in Sindh

Pakistan’s energy sector hailed a major milestone after the discovery of fresh Gas reserves in Sindh’s Khairpur Latif block. With the help of two private companies and Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL), this achievement represents a significant development in the country’s energy security.

Since drilling began on May 4, the gas well has produced an astounding 11.27 million standard cubic feet of gas per day. This large production is expected to contribute significantly to Pakistan’s energy supply.

The discovery is significant, according to a spokesperson for the consortium, who said, “This discovery reflects our ongoing efforts to expand natural gas reserves.” He also emphasized the usefulness of cooperation in the energy sector and the unrealized potential of Pakistan.

A fruitful discovery in the Khairpur Latif block is expected to strengthen the regional economy, create employment and reduce Pakistan’s dependence on imported energy. This development emphasizes the potential for further research and discoveries, highlighting the importance of ongoing funding and collaboration in the energy industry.



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