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Pakistan’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

GDP, measured at purchaser’s prices, is the total of the gross value added by all of the country’s resident producers, plus any product taxes and less any subsidies that aren’t factored into the product value. It is computed without accounting for natural resource depletion and degradation or the depreciation of artificial assets. In current US dollars, the data are presented. The official exchange rates for a single year are used to convert domestic currencies into dollars for GDP calculations. An alternate conversion factor is utilized for the few nations where the official exchange rate accurately reflects the rate applied to real foreign exchange transactions.

Pakistan gdp for 2022 was $376.53B, a 8.12% increase from 2021.
Pakistan gdp for 2021 was $348.26B, a 15.92% increase from 2020.
Pakistan gdp for 2020 was $300.43B, a 6.38% decline from 2019.
Pakistan gdp for 2019 was $320.91B, a 9.89% decline from 2018.

Gross domestic product (GDP) is the most commonly used measure for the size of an economy. GDP can be compiled for a country, a region (such as Tuscany in Italy or Burgundy in France), or for several countries combined, as in the case of the European Union (EU). The GDP is the total of all value added created in an economy. The value added means the value of goods and services that have been produced minus the value of the goods and services needed to produce them, the so called intermediate consumption. More about that in the article below.


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