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Researchers Find that Hackers Can Guess 45% of All Passwords in Under a Minute

A recent study by cybersecurity Hackers firm Kaspersky has revealed alarming findings about how easy it is for scammers to guess passwords. According to surveys, anyone can crack about 45% of passwords in a minute. This shows that fraudsters can easily guess about half of all passwords used by users.

A large database including 193 million English passwords was examined by the researchers. They found that 87 million of these passwords could be quickly cracked. In comparison, a high level of security is indicated by the fact that only 23% of passwords will take more than a year to crack.

It is highly recommended by Kaspersky that users create separate passwords for each online service they use. This includes changing passwords individually for each account.

Additionally, they recommend against using information that can be guessed, including names, birthdays, or common words. Rather, security can be greatly enhanced by creating complex passwords that combine letters, numbers, and unusual characters.

The study also revealed the frequency of password theft attempts. 32 million attempts were detected by Kaspersky in 2023 alone. This high percentage highlights the importance of maintaining strong digital hygiene, including changing passwords frequently and being careful when using them.

Dictionary words are present in 57% of passwords, another important study finding. Passwords made up of dictionary words are significantly less secure because they are much easier to guess. The overall security of passwords is greatly affected by this method.

Kaspersky’s research highlights how strong password practices are urgently needed. People need to be more diligent about protecting their digital information than ever because cyber threats are ever-changing. Even small steps like creating strong, one-of-a-kind passwords and updating them frequently can make a big difference in protecting personal information from thieves.



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