While callers are on the line, Samsung plans to add real-time text and audio translation to one of its smartphone models.

Next year, Samsung Electronics intends to launch a real-time artificial intelligence (AI) call translation service. The goal of this feature is to make multilingual conversations as simple as “turning on closed captions.”

Incorporating real-time translation into its upcoming Galaxy flagship.

While callers are on the line, the new feature will enable real-time text and audio translation. Notably, this translation feature will work with smartphones that aren’t made by Samsung because the new model uses “on-device AI technology.” It is currently unknown precisely how many languages are supported.

Samsung highlights how easy it is to use this innovation, drawing a comparison.Additionally, the provider guarantees that any private conversations carried out via this translation service will be safely saved on the phones. With this action, Samsung is demonstrating its dedication to using AI to improve user experiences and eliminate

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