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Search for Missing Persons as the Number of Missing Pilgrims Exceeds 900

In the sweltering heat, friends and family looked desperate for the Missing pilgrims as the death toll during the annual religious ritual reached 900. who were old. Six hundred Egyptian deaths are directly related to extreme heat. A large number of Egyptian casualties are reported. Mabrouka bint Salem Shushana and Ghada Mahmoud Ahmed Dawood are two pilgrims whose families are desperately searching for any information about their whereabouts.

Distraught friends and family are pleading for updates on their loved ones on social media networks. As a result of climate change, Hajj, one of the five pillars of Islam, has become more difficult to perform, increasing the risk of Hajj. Although they have not yet released an official death toll, Saudi officials have said a large number of pilgrims are suffering from heat exhaustion.

This year’s severe weather has made the already taxing trek more difficult for the pilgrims, making the Hajj even more difficult. This situation has drawn attention to the urgent need for better safety measures to protect participants from the risks associated with extreme heat in the future.



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