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Seeking Knowledge is a Duty on Every Muslim

The basic requirement of human nature is that it should know everything good and bad about itself and the universe. Without it, neither man can progress in the world nor can he get close to his creator and owner. In view of this basic human need, the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) has made it mandatory for every Muslim man and woman to acquire knowledge in this hadith.

While in our country, the number of girls is half compared to boys. The number of madrasahs for girls is also the Half. Man cannot fulfill his position and the duties imposed by Allah Almighty until he is on the path of seeking knowledge. The second thing is that on the Day of Resurrection, you will have to answer for your duties and responsibilities in the court of Allah, so it is important to know the good and bad of every good and bad thing.


AL Hadis


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