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In Sindh, 15% Sales Tax is Levied on Wedding Halls, Caterers and Restaurants

The Sindh government has currently increased the sales tax on services by 2 percent. Several industries are affected by this change, including wedding venues, restaurants, hotels, farmhouses and caterers. As a result of this recent increase, the Sindh Sales Tax (SST) rate for these companies has increased from 13% to 15%.

Guest houses, farmhouses and clubs will also be affected by the tax hike, as they will now be subject to higher SST rates. These institutions are not the only ones affected. New fiscal measures for fiscal year 2024-2025 include this amendment. The government has decided to expand the application of General Sales Tax (GST) to more industries to increase revenue from a wide range of services.

The government has also imposed additional taxes on domestic and international airline tickets as part of these budget adjustments. This means whether booking a flight within Pakistan or any other country, passengers will now have to pay an additional tax.

Although these measures are intended to increase government revenue, both businesses and consumers should be affected. Higher tax rates would require accommodation from hotels, restaurants and other service providers, which could result in higher prices for their patrons. Additional taxes on airline tickets will also result in increased costs for passengers.



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