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Thar Sand is best suited for making Computer chips.

The information technology department of Sindh has discovered with the help of experts that the sand obtained from Thar is best for making computer chips.According to experts, by using Thar sand to make the layer of chips, large numbers of digital products can be met, so the Department of Information Technology has proposed to the Government to set up a silicon welfare factory.Experts say that manufacturing chip wafers requires coal, sand, water and electricity. Thar sand is the best choice among them.The construction of the chip wafer factory could cost around $450 million, which could possibly be covered by the CPEC project.They plan to build a factory on 150 acres of land at Tharparkar in Islamkot area.Sindh Information Technology Department has completed the paperwork for the chip wafer foundry project and submitted it to the relevant ministries for review and approval.



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