What are the different types of Pedestrian crossings and how to approach them?

Malini VK - Infobite  9-Apr-2021

What are the different types of Pedestrian crossings and how to approach them?

Pedestrian crossing or Crosswalk is a specified position where pedestrians can cross the road with safety. Commonly called as "Zebra crossing" but there are differences depending on the Country.

North America:

Below are the crosswalk markings however the widely used are standard,continental and ladder.

United Kingdom:

- Zebra crossing (wide black and white strips with Belisha beacons(amber colored globe lamp on a black and white pole)).

- Pelican crossing (A crossing with signal and is button-operated. Pelican use a set time duration between red light and normal mode. This result in unnecessary wait for the vehicles even when there are no pedestrians).

- Puffin crossing (Similar to Pelican with button-operated signal but it detect the pedestrians in the wait area. If there is no people to cross,the red will go automatically to normal mode).

- Toucan crossing(A wide crossing where both pedestrians and cyclists can cross at the same time).

- Pegasus crossing (Another wide crossing for pedestrians and horse riders).

Switzerland & Hong Kong:

Zebra crossing marked in yellow.

Pedestrian Scramble:

Some intersections display red light for sometime in all directions which allows pedestrians to cross safely in any direction they want.

- We can see Pedestrian crossing with works like 3D art in some places.

- In most of the countries Pedestrian call buttons, Countdown timers, sign boards, Audible signals for differently abled people are installed.