Why owning a Rajapalayam dog breed gives a feeling of pride and safety?

Malini VK - Infobite  2-Sep-2020

Why owning a Rajapalayam dog breed gives a feeling of pride and safety?

The craze for imported foreign dog breeds is high in India. This is because of the lack of information on the native breeds. Native Indian breeds are not fancy, but they are one of the most loyal, low maintenance, friendly as well as fierce dogs. Rajapalayam is one among them.

  • Being native to Tamil Nadu in South India, this Indian Ghost Hound were bred in the 18th century during Nayak dynasty in Tamil Nadu. They were exported to number of empires like Rome, Egypt for their hunting skills.

  • They are believed to have fought alongside the Polygar soldiers against the British East India Company. Hence, they are also called as Polygar Hounds.

  • Rajapalayam was a complete hunter and guard of the royal families. They were used mainly for boar hunting. Once the hunting was banned, they were slowly used by the villagers to protect agricultural corps, livestock, and farm produce.

  • Rajapalayam is a large dog measuring about 25-30 inches and weighs 30-45 kg. So, the dog should be kept in a best working condition with large open space for its movements. Short walks may not be sufficient for this hound, they need daily exercise along with running sessions.

  • The dog is extremely handsome and graceful with milky white complexion and pink nose. They have an athletic muscular body, heavily boned, long, and slender legs with broad chest.

  • Their great instinct, amazing sight, and guarding potential make them qualified to get deployed as guard dogs on the borders of Jammu & Kashmir, by the Indian Army.


  • Being a native Indian breed, Rajapalayam can tolerate hot and humid climate and it is disease resistant.

  • It is not a furry dog, hence cleaning and maintenance is not a headache.

  • They are extremely loyal one-person dog. However, they can be friendly if socialized well.

  • Amazingly courageous and they are all time ready to take on the home invaders. A vivacious hunter who has a huge appetite to please his or her master. They also can go to any extreme and even get itself killed to protect its master.


  • Rajapalayam do not like to be handled by strangers.

  • They do not have good compatibility with other dog breeds.

  • Deafness is a major health issue noticed in Rajapalayam. Pups born with white or blue eyes are most likely to suffer from deafness. This birth issue is due to mating with albinos and pure white dog breeds.

Rajapalayam is a cultural heritage. Owning this majesty makes oneself feel the pride and culture.