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Winter holidays extended or not?

Winter holidays extended or not?

The Punjab Chief Minister provides an update on the extension of the winter holidays for schools.

The most asked question now a days is ‘Is Winter holidays Extended or not? Punjab’s school winter vacations are scheduled to begin on December 18 and run on June 9. But as a cold wave covers the province so students and their parents are considering an additional extension.

The acting chief minister of Punjab, Mohsin Naqvi, provided an update on the prospect of extending school holidays until January 9, 2024, based on weather conditions, as pupils are hoping for a second holiday extension.

During a press conference, Naqvi stated that the government is still debating whether to extend and that it would take the education department’s recommendations into consideration for further holidays. In light of the severe weather, particularly the heavy fog, the acting chief minister continued, saying that the education department will make a final decision and would notify the province administration.
Concerning the worrying rise in smog, CM also mentioned that the worst cities of bad air quality were Lahore and other towns.

Recent Update on Winter Vacations:

Since early January temperature dips are unusual, there are online rumors indicating that Lahore and other Punjabi cities may prolong their winter holidays. In addition to the internet gossip, parents are requesting that the authorities examine the opening of schools when a cold wave covers the area.

As of January 4, 2024, no formal announcement has been made regarding any additional extensions. The government has already done the one-week early extension of the school holiday.

It is recommended that parents should wait for any updates on the question of winter holidays extended or not.


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