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After Pakistan’s defeat against India, PCB needs major surgery 2024

After Pakistan’s defeat by India in T20 World Cup 2024, PCB Chairman Mohsin Naqvi expressed disappointment and demanded major reforms in the team. He emphasized how important it is to immediately improve the team’s performance and focus on getting ready for the upcoming Champions Trophy.

Pakistan suffered a close six-run defeat by India, much to the dismay of fans and officials. Chairman Naqvi highlighted that the nation will soon witness substantial restructuring within the team. He Said “It’s time for a big change. We need to give opportunities to talented players who are not in the spotlight right now.”

Naqvi’s remarks are part of a larger plan to propel Pakistan’s cricket team into the world’s best leagues. He stressed that the country expects great things and does not want to witness such poor performance. He said “We want to bring the Pakistan cricket team to the top of the world rankings. Both the nation and our fans deserve better.”

To enhance the team’s competitiveness in the global arena, the chairman’s comments indicate a commitment to develop new talent and make strategic adjustments. Building a strong, consistent team will be PCB’s top priority as it prepares for these changes in hopes of impressing Pakistani cricket fans once again.



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