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After the T20 World Cup, Shahid Afridi will Share the ‘Inside story’ of the Pakistan team.

Former Pakistan cricket team captain Shahid Afridi has hinted that he is aware of some exclusive information regarding the country’s T20 World Cup 2024 squad. Afridi said in a recent interview that he has inside information about some of the issues but chose not to divulge any details at this time. He plans to make this knowledge public after the competition.

Shahid Afridi said that the responsibility of all things lies on the captain as he carries the poor team with him or spoils the atmosphere of the team. He said that before coaches, team management, the captain unites the team because he has the authority and the task of fighting the team on the field is also the captain’s.

Shahid Afridi, when asked about the differences in the team, said that those who are sitting here who are related to cricket, they also know many things and I also know many things, but now the World Cup is going on, so they cannot speak openly. The eminent former all-rounder said that our selection committee and board have made big mistakes in the past few years, after the World Cup I will speak openly and tell how our people have spoiled this event by themselves.

In response to a question about Shahen Shah Afridi, he said that I have a relationship with him, so even if I say something, people will say that I am supporting my son-in-law, whereas I have a habit of saying that even if my closest loved one is wrong. So I would call it wrong.



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