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BYD SEALION 6 makes a grand debut in Australia, ushering in a new era for Asia Pacific

The BYD SEALION 6 launch event was held at Duckland Studio, Australia’s premier film and television production location in Melbourne. Together with BYD’s Australian partner EV Direct, BYD Asia-Pacific Automotive Sales General Manager Mr. Liu Xueliang attended the event to witness the historic launch of this landmark plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) model in Asia Pacific. market.

Mr Liu Zeliang, General Manager of BYD Asia Pacific, gave a brief overview of the company’s incredible ten-year adventure in Australia at the opening ceremony. He also expressed his heartfelt thanks to Australian consumers for their continued support and attention over the years. More than 20,000 Australian drivers have benefited from BYD’s services to date, and the company has established itself as Australia’s top electric vehicle brand with a market share of over 50%. BYD’s presence in 88 countries and regions, with combined sales of more than 7.5 million units, has resulted in a reduction in carbon emissions of 57.468 million tons, or the equivalent of planting 900 million trees. It shows the company’s commitment to environmental protection.

Having already released the BYD ATTO 3, BYD DOLPHIN, and BYD SEAL all-electric EV models in the Australian market, BYD is now proudly introducing the BYD SEALION 6 with DM-i hybrid technology. With a total range of over 1000km, this remarkable vehicle facilitates long distance travel between Melbourne and Sydney with ease, effectively eliminating range anxiety, long term. BYD’s brand purpose, which is “technology-driven, innovation-driven”, is still very much alive, according to Mr Liu Zeliang, who also promises to bring more diverse products and technologies to Australia and ensure the BYD SEALION What did 6 arrives early. In addition, BYD will introduce the BYD Shark pickup truck to the Australian market by the end of the year.

A turning point in BYD’s growth in the Australian market is the introduction of the SEALION 6. With its impressive range and strong performance, this PHEV model is well-positioned to provide Australian drivers with a more environmentally friendly and convenient driving experience. Helping the country achieve its carbon neutrality goals and lay the foundation for a better future.

BYD is dedicated to pursuing technological improvements in line with its brand goal of a “Green Technology Future.” We are convinced that working together, BYD and Australian customers can contribute to a more environmentally friendly future, a one-degree drop in global temperatures, new energy technologies available in every home, and a commitment to using technological innovation to improve people’s lives.



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