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Karachi is Ranked 918 in the world top 1000 Cities

Karachi is Ranked 918 in the world top 1000 Cities.According to Oxford Economics, Karachi was ranked 918th in the world, while Islamabad and Lahore were ranked 578th and 878th respectively in the Global Cities Index. The study evaluated 1,000 metropolitan economies using 27 factors across five areas (economics, human capital, quality of life, environment and governance), with New York and London topping the list.

Islamabad received the highest quality of life score of any Pakistani city, coming in at 772. In terms of human capital (612), quality of life (851), environment (917), and governance (874), Karachi scored low. Dubai came sixth overall and London first. Sultanpur in Uttar Pradesh came last.

With the release of its Global Cities Index, Oxford Economics ranked over 1,000 cities around the world according to a number of criteria. New York and London topped the list of the world’s best-performing cities. Meanwhile, Pakistan’s cities scored much lower.

Karachi, the main city and commercial center of Pakistan, came in at 918th place. Its poor performance in several key categories accounts for its low ranking. Karachi scored significantly worse in the areas of governance (874), environment (917), and quality of life (851). Although still not particularly high compared to other cities, its human capital score of 612 was slightly better.

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, fared better than other Pakistani cities and came in at 578th place. With a score of 772, it was the highest scoring city in Pakistan for quality of life. This suggests that despite its many difficulties, Islamabad offers a relatively high standard of living compared to other Pakistani cities.

Lahore, another major city of Pakistan, is ranked 878th in the index. Like Karachi, Lahore also faces several problems that have affected its ranking.

The Oxford Economics Index evaluates cities in five areas: governance, quality of life, human capital, environment and economy. To provide a thorough understanding of each city’s pros and cons, these categories included 27 separate indicators.

London excelled in every category and was voted the top city globally. Dubai also fared well, coming in sixth. Sultanpur, an Indian city in Uttar Pradesh, came in last on the list, receiving the lowest ranking of all 1,000 cities reviewed.

The Global Cities Index draws attention to the challenges Pakistani cities face in developing and governing their urban areas. While some places, such as Islamabad, have a relatively high quality of life score, others, particularly Karachi and Lahore, still have a lot of room for improvement.

The ranking serves as a wake-up call for policymakers and city planners in Pakistan to address these issues and work to improve the quality of life and overall performance of their cities globally.



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