Friday, May 24, 2024
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Mobile Phone Price Massive Drop in Pakistan.

Mobile phone markets in cities like Lahore and Faisalabad are witnessing a significant drop in prices, which has surprised many technology enthusiasts.According to reports, mobile phone prices have come down by 20 to 40 percent, reshaping the consumer electronics landscape in Lahore.Earlier, high-end smartphones cost around Rs 100,000, but now they are more affordable, ranging from Rs 65,000 to Rs 70,000.Similarly, mid-range phones that used to cost Rs 64,000 are now available for less than Rs 50,000, making them more accessible to gadget lovers.What is even more surprising is that phones priced at Rs 50,000 can now be bought for as low as Rs 35,000 to Rs 38,000, allowing more and more people to own the latest gadgets.Basic phones, once considered a luxury item, are now priced at Rs 20,000, making them accessible to a wider population.



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