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Good News for Pakistanis! Govt Decrease Petrol Price by Rs 4.74/Litre

A good news is recently announced by Pakistani government for ease of public. Govt Decrease Petrol Price by Rs 4.74/Litre.

In a major relief effort, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif directed the finance ministry to cut petrol prices by Rs 4.74 per liter and high speed diesel (HSD) prices by Rs 3.86 per litre.The Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif emphasized that this decision is in line with the people-friendly policies of the government. tTese policies include reducing inflation and increasing economic stability. The new prices, which will come into effect from midnight, will last for a fortnight. The reduction follows the previous cut on May 15, where petrol and HSD prices were reduced by Rs 4.74 and Rs 3.86 per liter respectively. It is expected that this move will reduce the burden on the public and reduce inflation across the country.

Pakistan’s economy:

Pakistan’s economy growth is decreasing day by day. The dollar price is increasing which is creating more inflation and unrest in public. The average salary of a Pakistani man cannot full fill the needs. They have to work hard for a suitable amount to meet their ends. In this hard time this good news of Pakistan Govt Decrease Petrol Price by Rs 4.74/Litre which will create a sigh of relief for commons.



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