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Pakistan’s youngest blogger Mohammad Shiraz left Youtube.

Pakistan’s youngest blogger Mohammad Shiraz left Youtube.Pakistan’s youngest blogger Mohammad Shiraz has achieved great success on YouTube in a very short period of time.However, now there is an unfortunate news for his followers.

Young blogger Shiraz has revealed the story behind his latest blog by sharing it on his YouTube channel. On May 15, Shiraz bid an emotional farewell to his fans through his “Last Vlog” video, which lasted for 11 minutes.

In a video posted on YouTube, Shiraz explained his decision to quit YouTube, saying that his father wanted him to focus on his studies instead of blogging.

Along with her younger sister, Maskan, Shiraz conveyed to her followers that she will no longer continue blogging as her father has advised her to devote her time to studies and refrain from making videos.

Expressing her passion for vlogging, Shiraz said, “I really want to continue blogging, but today is my last blog. What should I do?”
Shiraz emphasized that many people have advised him not to give up blogging, but he believes in his parents’ advice. Pakistan’s youngest blogger Mohammad Shiraz left Youtube.Therefore he will follow their instructions and follow their direction.

Concluding his blog, Shiraz thanked his fans for their immense love and support. He assured them that he would try to return soon.
It is noteworthy that Muhammad Shiraz has the honor of being the youngest blogger of Pakistan.

Hailing from Gorse village on the outskirts of Siachen, he gained recognition by showcasing the picturesque scenery of his village and establishing his unique identity among the people.



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