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Palestinian officials: At least 21 people were killed in Israeli attacks on al-Mawasi.

At least 21 people were killed in Israeli and dozens wounded in Israeli attacks on a tent camp for displaced families in al-Mawasi, near the southern Gaza city of Rafah, Palestinian medical officials said, days after an Israeli attack on another camp drew global condemnation.Palestinian President’s Spokesman Nabil Abu Rudina called the latest Israeli attack on Rafah a “massacre” and called for the implementation of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling ordering Israel to stop its aggression on Rafah. had gone.

Israel has continued its offensive despite an order by the UN’s top court to stop it on Friday, saying the court’s ruling gives it some room for military action in Rafah.

At its most crowded, Rafah was home to about 1.5 million people, many of whom are now trying to escape Israeli tanks and airstrikes.Aid agencies and the United Nations have warned that the widely criticized operation in Rafah is worsening an already dire humanitarian situation in the besieged and bombed enclave.

The forced eviction of Palestinians has made it difficult for aid workers to distribute dwindling supplies of aid to families facing catastrophic levels of hunger.Israel seized the Palestinian side of the key Rafah border crossing with Egypt on May 7, shortly after it launched its long-threatened military operation in the crowded area.

It is restricting the entry of humanitarian supplies, including much-needed fuel. Since Israel’s latest attack on Gaza on October 7, little aid has been used to enter the Strip through the crossing.Many hospitals in Gaza have closed due to lack of fuel and medicine. Palestinian officials said on Tuesday that Kuwait’s special hospital had been cut off by Israeli strikes, leaving the city’s only operating hospital.



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