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Registration Process for Chief Minister Punjab Free Solar Scheme 2024

Chief Minister Punjab Free Solar Scheme 2024: The Punjab government has launched a new program called “Roshan Ghoshiya Program”, which will provide free solar installations to 50,000 households in the region. Directed by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, the initiative, which is fully sponsored by the provincial government at an estimated cost of Rs 10 billion, seeks to reduce the cost of electricity for households with low consumption. Program participants who use 300 kilowatt-hours or less of electricity will receive an innovative solar system that includes a battery, solar inverter and panels that can generate one kilowatt of electricity.

  • Punjab Free Solar Scheme 2024:

The government of Punjab province has completed a scheme to provide free solar systems to households, which is aimed at reaching people who consume up to 100 units of electricity per month. The effort, estimated to cost Rs. 10 billion, aims to reduce electricity costs and encourage the use of renewable energy sources. All expenses are borne by the government. Households involved in electricity theft or fraud are not eligible for the equity retention program. Eligible families will be selected through data verification by the National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC), whose lists will be provided to the Punjab Information Technology Board by the district government for distribution coordination.

  • Benefits of CM Punjab Free Solar Scheme 2024:

Cost Savings: Reduce electricity costs for eligible households.Environmental Impact: Promoting the use of renewable energy, contributing to a green environment.Financial Relief: Reduce financial stress for vulnerable families amid rising electricity prices.Government support: Demonstrate government commitment to sustainable energy initiatives.Transparency and Fairness: Ensure fair distribution by excluding households involved in power theft or fraud.Community Empowerment: Empower households with access to clean and sustainable energy solutions.

  • How can I apply for CM Punjab Free Solar Scheme 2024?

SMS Registration Process

  1. SMS Registration: SMS registration allows eligible households to enroll by sending their bill reference number and ID number via text message to 8800.
  2. Verification: The NTC verifies data, forwarding it to the PITB for further validation.
  3. Final List: Validate data is sent to district administration for implementation.
  4. Project Management: The Department of Energy establishes a dedicated unit for program oversight.

Online Registration Steps

  1. Visit Official Website: Access the designated Punjab Roshan Gharana Scheme 2024 website.
  2. Fill Application Form: Provide accurate property and electricity consumption details.
  3. Submission: Submit the form online or at any Bank of Punjab branch.
  4. Application Review: Authorities review submitted applications.
  5. Approval and Installation: Receive notification upon approval, followed by solar panel installation.


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