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First time! A student from Balochistan has been Elected President of Oxford Union

The prestigious Oxford Union has elected a student from Balochistan, Asrar Kakar, as its president. This is the first time that a person from Balochistan has come to this prestigious role. Asrar Kakar’s election is significant as he is only the third Pakistani in history to hold this position.

Founded in 1823, the Oxford Union is one of the world’s most famous and oldest debating societies. Throughout its history, it has included many prominent leaders and intellectuals as members. Being elected to serve as its president is a significant achievement that demonstrates great leadership and public speaking skills.

Mr. Kakar belongs to a small village in Qila Abdullah district of Balochistan. He is currently enrolled to study for a Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) at Oxford University’s Faculty of Law. Given his past, his path to this success is particularly encouraging.

Israr is not the first in his family to attend Oxford University. In fact, his older brother was also a Rhodes Scholar there. Israr is now the second member of his family to attend Oxford, carrying on his brother’s intellectual legacy.

In an interview, Mr. Kakar expressed his heartfelt gratitude for being elected on Saturday. He said that I am extremely grateful to the members of the Oxford Union who trusted me. This success will inspire the next generation of aspiring youth from low-income families.

His statements express the hope that other young people from low-income homes can be inspired by his success to pursue their dreams against all odds.

Asrar Kakar’s life is a monument to perseverance and the quest for greatness. It shows that people from all backgrounds can achieve great things with perseverance and hard work.

His election to the presidency of the Oxford Union is not only a personal victory but also a turning point for Pakistan and Balochistan. It serves as a reminder of the potential in every young person and the importance of giving them access to learning and development opportunities.



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