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Hex-man the first teacher of Pakistan

Abdul Qadir Silat of Karachi created Pakistan’s first AI teacher, known as Hex-man. This outstanding achievement represents an important milestone in Pakistan’s technological development. Hex-Man is expected to grow significantly in both the education and corporate sectors in Pakistan.

AI Instructor is expected to completely change both the business and educational landscape in Pakistan. Millions of educators, parents, professionals and students worldwide stand to benefit greatly from this model because of its creative approach. This AI teacher aims to enhance the learning process and increase accessibility and efficiency.

Additionally, Guinness World Records has given Hex-man positive comments and evaluations, and is considering including him as the first artificial intelligence instructor in history. Along with honoring innovation, this award will put Pakistan on the map of technological advancement worldwide.

The release of Hex-Man signifies a dedication to using technology to improve teaching practices. It illustrates how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to overcome problems in traditional education and offer new possibilities for individualized and interactive learning.

Further development is expected to significantly impact the way corporate training and education are delivered in Pakistan, laying the foundation for a culture that is more digitally savvy.



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