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All eyes on Rafah

A picture created by AI that said, “All eyes on Rafah,” has been shared more than 46 million times in response to Israel’s attacks on Rafah in Gaza. Every single Instagram story has an image with the caption “All eyes on Rafah,” which is directing the conversation on social media about Israel’s war on Gaza.

It is a slogan meant to draw attention to the circumstances in Rafah, the southernmost city in the Gaza Strip, which is close to the Egyptian border.

About half of Gaza’s 2.3 million residents had moved into Rafah by February after Israel announced it intended to conduct a ground operation there. Global condemnation of the announcement was made. “All eyes” are on the upcoming Rafah offensive,.
The phrase “All eyes on Rafah” most likely came from the statement of Richard “Rik” Peeperkorn, arepresentative for Gaza.
The phrase has since been used in social media posts and protest posters.

Viewed from above, the AI-generated image depicts a camp with well-organized tent rows tucked in between what appear to be snow-capped peaks. A group of tents with paler colors are positioned in the center to form the phrase “All eyes on Rafah.” The background features cotton-ball clouds against a beautiful blue sky.

Rafah does not like that at all. The sky is filled with smoke from Israeli bombs, and the tents are not arranged in neat rows; instead, many of them are strewn with rubble and are burning hot from bombings that left their residents inside.



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