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Pakistan Railways will install escalators at major stations for senior citizens and especially disabled persons

Pakistan Railways Escalates at major stations for the elderly and especially for the disabled Pakistan Railways has made several new announcements aimed at improving the comfort and safety of its passengers. CEO Ameer Ali Baloch revealed the plans during a public grievance session held on social media on Wednesday.

Installation of escalators at major train stations across the country is one of the key options. This program is specially designed to help elderly and disabled passengers, making their journey more convenient and comfortable.

Apart from escalators, Baloch also announced the installation of CCTV cameras in trains. But he stressed that a robust system needs to be put in place to guarantee that these security cameras are safe from harm. The move aims to improve passenger safety and more effectively monitor activities inside trains.

Baloch also spoke about smoking in trains. He stressed the importance of maintaining a healthy environment for all passengers and the safety of non-smokers by threatening to take legal action against smokers. He stressed that the recent cut in fees was a big help for passengers and threatened strict action against anyone found guilty.

To enhance passenger comfort, Baloch directed authorities to ensure that all railway stops have access to clean drinking water and shaded areas. It is expected that this action will improve waiting times at the station, particularly during the summer months.

Baloch addressed many complaints of the people in the meeting. He said that hawkers and beggars in passenger trains are a recurring problem and any official found incompetent to deal with the situation will face serious consequences. He gave his word to people that steps would be taken to get rid of these hassles and enhance the overall travel experience.

In response to a complaint regarding lack of parking spaces at Rahim Yar Khan station, Baloch directed the divisional superintendent to take steps to improve the experience of passengers and commuters. This includes adding more parking spaces, to ease traffic and ease access to the station.



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