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Swift prices are reduced by up to Rs. 710,000 at Pak Suzuki.

In light of the current state of the market, Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited has announced a large price reduction for its Swift model cars, providing customers with substantial savings. This limited-time price adjustment aims to make Suzuki Swift more accessible to consumers.

In a recent correspondence addressed to authorized dealers, Pak Suzuki Motor Company told them about the new promotional retail sales prices for the Suzuki Swift, beginning from May 1, 2024. The decision to cut pricing demonstrates the company’s commitment to offering value to customers and adjusting to changing market circumstances.

The following are the most recent costs for the various Swift models:

Revised Prices for Suzuki Swift Models
Model	         Previous Retail Price (PKR)	      Revised Retail Price (PKR)	  Change (%)	   Change (PKR)
Swift GL MT      	     4,421,000	                               4,336,000 	                    -1.9%	             -85,000
Swift GL CVT	     4,719,000                              	4,560,000                      -3.4%	             -159,000
Swift GLX CVT	     5,429,000	                                4,719,000	                     -13.1%	      -710,000

Apart from making the price decrease public, Pak Suzuki Motor Company has asked its authorized dealers to advise prospective buyers and their sales representatives about the updated costs. It is crucial for clients to understand the terms and circumstances associated to booking orders, particularly about the retail prices effective at the time of delivery.

The move by Pak Suzuki to lower the cost of Swift model cars demonstrates the company’s dedication to both affordability and cust.omer pleasure. By offering enticing discounts, the company seeks to increase demand and enhance accessibility to its renowned Swift range



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