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Engro Corporation Statement – LNG Case Decision.

In the awarding of the LNG contract to Engro Elengy Terminal Limited, the Accountability Court honorably cleared and acquitted our Chairman, Mr. Hussain Dawood, Director, Mr. Abdul Samad Dawood, and Former CEO, Mr. Sheikh Imran ul Haq, as no evidence was found to prove any illegality, irregularity, or loss to the national exchequer.

Engro Corporation is pleased with the Accountability Court’s much-awaited ruling. Engro has always strived to act in a fair and transparent manner in all its business and commercial commitments. The Company has established its reputation over the past 60 years by placing a high priority on ethical and moral behavior, following local laws, and good corporate governance.

The aforementioned LNG terminal is a vital component of Pakistan’s energy infrastructure, providing 15% of the nation’s total gas needs, an essential domestic and industrial input for a nation on the rise.

The Company is appreciative of the help it has gotten from its partners, employees, and shareholders who have supported and collaborated with us during these trying times.



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