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“X” (Twitter) Employee Fired by Elon Musk After Sleeping on Floor Receives Top Job at Meta.

Esther Crawford, a former high-level employee of Twitter who rose to fame with a photo showcasing her work ethic, has revealed that she has accepted a new position at Meta as Director of Product. Facebook is owned by a business called Meta.

Despite losing her job at Twitter, she is thrilled to be working at Meta because she believes the company has the potential to significantly impact how people interact with one another. Her transition from Twitter, where she oversaw a unique service known as Twitter Blue and was a fan of Elon Musk’s style of operation, to Meta demonstrates her commitment and inventiveness.

She thinks Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, has a wonderful vision and that Meta runs a great business. She thinks Meta has the potential to transform interpersonal relationships and increase accessibility to artificial intelligence for everybody. Esther’s migration to Meta demonstrates her strength and optimism for the significant changes Meta can bring about.



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